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Black Orchid & Sandalwood (TravelTin)

$26.90 SGD

The combination of the mood-uplifting scent of Black Orchid and the spiritual aromas of Sandalwood combine to make the ultimate relaxation scent.

Black Orchid:ŒæWell known as a mood-uplifter it promotes comfort & stability, has a cheerful aroma that promotes mental alertness and yet also strengthening the bodyäó»s spirit, reducing fatigue and stress levels.

Sandalwood:ξThe oldest fragrance of all, used for at least 4,000 years, Sandalwood is a deeply spiritual essence. Often incorporated into incense, sandalwood sets the scene for meditation and travelling deeper into self, helping one to attain inner calm.

Travel Tin
Burn time: 33 Hours
Size: 5cm H x 7cm W

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