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Culti Milano

CULTI MILANO founded in 1990 by Alessandro Agrati, an eclectic interior designer, who realised what a fragrance can do to characterize an environment and drew his inspiration from rattan handwork to create the first sticks diffuser: a product of new design which uses this material to release fragrance into private and public spaces.

Thus, CULTI MILANO’s iconic product was born: the company developed its production in this segment, and soon became the world’s leading brand for research, quality of the materials and the exclusivity of its fragrances. This is why originality is one of the essential values of the CULTI MILANO brand, the first to introduce a new system to diffuse the fragrance in the air, a system which has now become widely used.

In fragrance and component selection the utmost attention is paid to quality, which is yet another primary value of CULTI MILANO, a distinctive trait of the brand which plays a significant role in product choice, together with other objective factors and a strong emotional appeal. The refinement of the fragrances, combined with the elegance of the containers and the packaging, have made the CULTI MILANO product into an undisputed style icon.
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